Our house, which was located near the transmission lines (a challenging location), was sold in by Mr. Most. We are satisfied with Mr. Most’s performance because of the following

1)He has foreign buyer connections. Our house was sold to a foreign buyer who put an offer after viewing pictures of our house online. The offer did not have any conditions and the process of selling our house to the buyer went smoothly.


2) He is resourceful He referred a kitchen installation professional to help us install a new kitchen in our basement to get the house ready for sale. He also provided a landlord’s contact information for our tenants so that they could move out quicker


3)He is professional and experienced Mr. Most is very familiar with selling houses in the area where we were located and we saw his experience came through with his preparation to get our house ready for sale (we received a lot of positive comments on how our house showed), dealing with an unexpected issue (see #2), and providing good advice to us (i.e. dealing with low ball offers and analyzing the market).


4) He is respectful to us when we changed our minds. Mr. Most was always available for discussions when we were in the process of selling our house. We felt that he listened to our concerns and respected our decisions. We asked Mr. Most to take our house off MLS after 4 weeks when it was becoming too stressful. Although he disagreed with it, he did as we requested.

5)He keeps on working. Mr. Most continued to look for buyers for us after we requested that we wanted to take our house off of MLS and take a break from showing our house to potential buyers. We sold our house to a foreign buyer because he kept on working. If he hasn’t keep on working we would still be selling our house now!

6)He and his team are diligent and are hard working. When we have any requests, they tried their best to fulfill them. For example, we requested 2 additional open houses on the weekends and Mr. Most accommodated us by allocating resources to ensure the open houses were available.

We would recommend other home sellers to engage Mr. Most as their real estate agent.

Kind regards,

Julieta and Guy (Owner of 129 Bishop)

Hossein Mostafavi ("Mr. Most") did an excellent job both on the purchase of our new house and the sale of our old house. He has outstanding negotiating skills and is very hard-working. Based on our experience with him, we would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their house or buy a new house. Thanks so much Mr. Most for all your hard work and going the extra mile for us!

Jeff and Wendy Higham (owner of 51 Logandale)


Hearty thanks for all your splendid efforts in selling our home in North
York. We would like to write the following note on a page of your DIARY:" An excellent negotiator Mr. Most has impressed us MOST with his 'cool' and
dynamic personality.
During the process of selling our home, he paid attention to minute details,
and suggested the ideas that could improve overall impression of the house.
His approach to the 'low bowlers'  was balanced and he saw low offers as an
opportunity to build upon. He allowed us to think and rethink in a friendly
manner and walked with us to lead to results. It was fast, and above
asking!" Finally... WOW!"
Dr. Hansa Deep,
Dr. Hansa Deep, Dham Jain (Owner of 123 Elmwood)

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"I have had the opportunity to work with Hossein Mostafavi on two separate house transactions in the past 10 years. In each instance, he has impressed me with his total dedication to getting the job done in a professional, ethical and conscientious manner. In both cases, he worked tirelessly to expose my properties to multiple, multiple buyers, with this being instrumental in me getting top dollar. He went the extra mile to ensure that my best interests always staying front and center.

Even though Mr. Most is one of the most successful agents in the GTA, he always made me feel as though I was his most important client. His 'can do' attitude shines through.

Phil Atril (Owner of 121 Norton Ave)


Hossein Mostafavi is a very hardworking agent and we are happy with his service. He is very committed to his customers and follows through with his word. He is a good negotiator. We wish him well in his career as a real estate sales agent and other endeavors.

All the best and thank you,

Said Shejaat, JacineHinandes


Shirley Rudderham

Dear Mr. Most:

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since you first knocked at my door on a Sunday morning. You will likely recall that I the time that I was somewhat anxious as I had purchased a new condo, had no idea of the closing date and was worried about selling my house at the appropriate time to coincide with the move to the condo. As a senior and a widow I was afraid of not getting it right and having to make an interim move or finding myself homeless! Also I wasn’t sure I was making the right move in leaving my home of almost 20 years.

You were so kind listening to my concerns and in reassuring me that these were valid issues. You were confident that you would be able to sell my house and depending on the outcome you would also be able to address my need for interim accommodation.

After a short time I did decide to list my home with you and I was so impressed with your involvement in the whole process. Not only did you recommend changes needed to improve the potential for sale but you also provided the resources for these to be completed by a very competent and reliable individual.

You may remember discussions we had with respect to the timing of the listing and appropriate pricing. I was in favor of waiting until March, to take advantage of the “hot” spring market which of course did not materialize. You on the other hand encouraged me to list before spring as there were very few listings at the time. I took your advice and in spite of major snow storms there was a lot of interest in my property.

My late husband who was in Real Estate always said that the seller has an inflated opinion of the value of a property.

Shirley Rudderham (owner


Dr. E. Eftekharpour and Dr. S. Karimi

Today I have decided to write a few words about my experience with Mr. Hossein Mostfavi. We ran into him just by coincidence as we were in the market 4 years ago looking for a house. Mr. Most was the seller real estate agent of a house we liked but he kindly took the time to sit down with us to explain the process of buying a house. Although we already owned a condo that had bought through another agent, we decided to go with Mr. Most. His approach was very professional and rather than making a quick sale as a double agent, he told us that house perhaps was not the best option for us. After a couple of months, he found a beautiful house for us for a fair market price and made sure that was suitable for our family. He also sold our condo which was a record price for our building.

We recently have moved from North York and were very lucky to get Mr. Most to sell our house. He arranged for a beautiful flyer and open house showings. The house was sold at a whopping 10% over the asking price. Interestingly, our working relationship with Mr. Most has turned into a great friendship as he visited us after the sale was finalized and every now and then, will send me a personal email and I know I could count on him if I need anything in Toronto.

Mr. Most is a very down-to-earth kind of guy, has a good heart that has not forgotten his roots. He is certainly well-informed about the market and his service doesn’t end with the sale. I certainly would recommend him with no hesitation.

Dr. E. Eftekharpour and Dr. S. Karimi (owner of 51 goodview)


When our family decided to relocate after a dozen years of living in the same Willowdale home, we were very hesitant in regards to selecting the right realtor to work with. A handful of weeks later, we now write this knowing that there was no better choice we could have made. To say we are pleased with the services provided by Mr. Most is an understatement. From every step of the process, he conducted his duties in a pro-active manner but without applying pressure to us, his clients. Mr. Most gave us a fair assessment of how to sell our Logandale Road home. He followed through on all of his commitments, including the most important one of selling our home in less than three weeks. Afterwards, he assisted greatly in the purchasing our downtown condominium and even holding much of our belongings in storage free of charge until we were prepared to move into our new place. And when small issues would arise, he dealt with professionally and did not treat it as an inconvenience. Even when his main obligations were complete, he was still available to address our concerns. With the utmost honesty, our family can refer him with the highest regard to any homeowner looking to sell their home. Mr. Most treated us with respect, not like another cheque and we will always appreciate that.

Ansoo & Mohammad Aumeer (owner or 29 Logandale Ave)

I would like to use this opportunity to recommend Hossein Mostafavi and his real estate services to anyone needing to sell, buy or rent. We found his knowledge very sound and appreciate his ability to attract the right customer in a very short period of time, very much in line with his promises, making him BY FAR the most professional real estate agent we’ve ever dealt with.

He sold out house in North York (on Byng Ave) and after that, I gave him a listing for a property in Richmond Hill, which he also managed to attract the right customer for. It was not selling for 3 months. After Hossein appeared on the listing, I had my first offer within a week. I already recommended him to my friends and they all agree with me on his efficiency and professionalism.

Talie Veltman (the owner of 120 Byng Ave)

We had originally planned to sell our condominium by private sale because we thought that we would get more money in our pockets by saving on the commissions. After 4 weeks, there was a lot of interest but that did not translate into many offers. We finally got an offer that was within our expectation but the experience turned out to be very unpleasant as even though we had agreed to all the details, the written offer was changed at the last minute and we felt that we were being manipulated.

At around the same time, Hossein Mostafavi (Mr. MOST to us) contacted us and asked if he had an opportunity to come by and talk to us about how a real estate agent will be able to help us in our sale and perhaps get us more at the end than the private sale would. In his discussion, he demonstrated his professionalism, understanding of what we were looking for and his knowledge of the area. He did not push us into making a decision but laid out all the facts and left wishing us the best even if we did not decide to use an agent.

When we decided that we would call off the private sale, we had another discussion with Mr. MOST where once again he was forthright, helped us focus our expectations, showed us what he can do for us and gave us multiple options that he would use to sell our condominium at the best possible price. We decided on that day to sign Mr. MOST on as our agent.

Our experience with him has been amazing. He kept our goals in mind and would analyze the situation and adjust his strategy to ensure we got the best outcome. He involved us only when there were important decisions to be made and each time had options and walked us through the solutions.

Guest Gordon( condo on 260 Doris Ave)


Mr. and Mrs. Lohbihler

To Whom it May Concern:

We would like to express our extreme satisfaction with the manner in which Mr. Hossein Mostafavi, a.k.a. Mr. Most, represented us in the presentation and sale of our home. Our house was located on Lillian Street in the C14 district in north central Toronto. Mr. Most demonstrated a keen awareness of the nature of the housing market in the area. He assisted us in the determination of the sale price. With his further assistance, and with minimal disturbance on our part, we secured a handsome price for our home within three weeks of first listing it.

The first thing that Mr. Most arranged was for a photographer to take pictures of our home. The quality of work was excellent. Consequently, our home was advertised extremely well. At the same time Mr. Most brought our home to the attention of numerous real estate agents that were covering the area. As a result we averaged 5 to 10 showings per day for roughly ten days. The showings started immediately after February 1st, the first day of our contract with him to sell our home.

Mr. and Mrs. Lohbihler (owner of 1048 Lilian )


David and Julie Carter.

Dear Mr Most,

I would like to express my gratitude to you for the work you did in the sale of my house. The house sold within a week for much more than the list price. Your advice was sound and practical and your confidence was reassuring.

My wife and I were nervous about selling the house after living here for 40 years but once you took over as our agent things started to move very quickly. Within days we had multiple offers and you explained each one to us and helped us select the best offer.

Our thanks for the work that you did.

Yours Truly

David and Julie Carter (owner of 118 Horsham Ave)


I have worked with Mr. Most on two house sales so far and each time have been totally impressed with his professionalism. He listens to his clients and works diligently to get the best deal possible for them. The sale process each time has been stress free and efficient. He understands the dynamics of the marketplace and always succeeds in closing the deal ensuring a win-win for both negotiating parties.

I will definitely choose to work with him again on my next real estate transaction.

Guest: Great service! Exceptional seller
Mr Most sold our house in less than 2 days! Thank you very much

Caroline Schweppe (owner of 23 Preakness Dr)


Dear Mr. Most, as another business has passed and we look forward to move into the new house. Thank you for the primary focus that you have placed on protecting our interest and we appreciate for your persistence in winning in any difficult time with investing your time in our property--good luck.

 Ellie and Ben. (owner of 72 Hounslow Ave)